Mayer Hawthorne Explores The Sunnier Side of Life In ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’

Much has been made of Stones' Throw recording artist Mayer Hawthorne. This Michigan native and multi-instrumentalist has one of the most heavily-anticipated debut albums of the year (barring Whitney's), and his breezy, nostalgic vibe permeates his music in a very authentic way. His video for "Maybe So, Maybe No" perfectly typifies the aforementioned style, and reminds me so much of what I used to hear on the radio as a little kid. My only issue is that I often long for someone with a bit more heft in their voice to sing these songs of his. In any case, this video does a great job of portraying what a typical day in Southern California can be: Venice Beach's boardwalk, The Do Over, crate-digging (I see you House Shoes), and catching loads of sunshine. If you can't be as lucky as myself in living in Los Angeles year-round, press play and live vicariously through the magic of video.


3 Responses

  1. Love him! I especially love "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out", I don't know why but the track puts an instant smile on my face everytime I hear it, it's so light and fresh...

  2. Funny that I watched this right after "Nikki 16". Mere seconds of that were enough, thanks, but when the player for Mayer's track paused early (slow internets) I was like "Aww no! I was feeling that!". That's a good sign when the song hits you right from the jump. Too right, this has a wonderful summery feel. Mr. Hawthorne, I'm watching you!

  3. right from "just ain't gonna work out", dude had me. and "maybe so, maybe no" is a great follow-up. checked out his hawthorne radio shows through the stones throw podcast - dude's a digger, definitely knows what's up with classic and rare soul. that album's gonna be a monster...looking forward to it...


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