Morning Soul: Gotta What Yo, Gotta Get A Ruffneck

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  1. Jamie can't be mad at anyone but himself. I saw the pic, and he shouldn't have been taking pics of himself and sending them to people. He should know by now that things have a tendency to get leaked, and he is not immune from it.

  2. I gotta ask all the straight brothers this question, is it normal to pose bucket naked in your bathroom and take photo's of yourself trying to be sexy? I mean I just had to ask with all this metrosexual BS going around:) My spider senses are going off, as keith Sweat said something just aint right:) I think a certain singer/actor/comedian might just be one of them DL cats..............................

  3. Gotta What Yo, Gotta Get A Ruffneck = soul?
    I don't know, I just find it awkward when just about anything released by an African American artist is given or equated to soul music. Back in the day, Lyte herself really did not feel what was being said in this song . . . BUT she did acknowledge that it was her best selling single.

  4. Ha. Point taken, Vee. Consider this week's collection of MS videos the 'BOUNCE' side of SoulBounce. 🙂

  5. Dearest Vee... We feature videos of every genre in "Morning Soul," so please don't take the latter part of that title too literal. I might mess around and choose some '80s lite rock hits to feature every day next week and somehow I think you'll get over it.

  6. I wouldn't call Macy or Mya has beens if you've truly been up on their last few album releases, especially Mya's "Sugar & Spice." But whatever...-QH