Morning Soul: Hoping We Could Find A Way

4 Responses

  1. Bible thumpin' on Twitter, Nick? You are just stoking the fire. Shoulda stayed out of it and let it die down on it's own.

  2. To soulrific and anyone who thinks Nick and Mariah shouldn't respond to Eminem, why is it okay for Em to say whatever he wants about anyone,and claim its just jokes, but if someone dares says anything back, they're in the wrong?!?! if Em can dish it he should be able to take it.

  3. The Amerie link isn't correct. It leads to the Fat Joe story.

  4. @sasha: Nick and Mariah already responded once, why keep at it? That's all I'm saying. It's getting them nowhere, just like it's getting Eminem nowhere. Em's what, 37 and still beefin' with people? Let it go already.


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