N’dambi’s ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ Is A Step Above


Even at the risk of having this song directed my way at some point, the new single from N'dambi, the anthemic "Can't Hardly Wait," may just become my favorite song. Ever. Yes, I know I'm a guy, but for real, this track is like "Tyrone" on steroids (and yes, she used to sing back-up for Erykah Badu, so there ya go. Boom. Connection). Sure, it's in your face, with the Texas native whose name means "Most Beautiful" pulling no punches with the refrain "f*ckinwitchu" (which should be a trending topic on Twitter in 5, 4, 3, 2...), but still, at the same time, the mid tempo, laid back beat belies the urgency to leave of which she speaks, lulling whoever may be listening into a head nod or a two-step. It could've easily been called "Step In The Name of Love/Hate." "Can't Hardly Wait" is from the forthcoming release Pink Elephant, and should will definitely set the stage for N'dambi to soar to even greater heights. And hopefully find a man that acts right. Now, go on and blast this song while I head on over to Twitter with some hash tags in my back pocket. Happy Friday!  

N'dambi: "Can't Hardly Wait"

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  1. Avatar

    2:39 - 3:02 was amazing, backround vocals had a nice Marvin feel.
    Bass player kicks ass too. Nice joint

  2. 1st things first, babydoll looks absolutely edible in this photo! sensous............................secondly this joint is banging, 5 stars all around

  3. Truly loving this song! From the biting lyrics to that bass, just an instant love. Plus I had no idea N'dambi was working on some new material, keeping my ears open for that project.

  4. I fuxswit this joint right here! HOTness!

  5. Not a big fan of the f-bomb in songs, but this is the best f-bomber hook since Prince's, Sexy MF! 🙂

  6. i could so send this to someone right now

  7. sounds like instant classic

  8. where can I download this joint????

  9. I absolutely LOVE this song...we've all been where she's singing about...When is this available? iTunes? Amazon? I must have this song!

  10. SoulBounce, I'm not gonna ask you again:) where can I download this joint? don't have me send some gangsta chicks over to your office to "rearrange furniture:) LOL

  11. Can't get this song out of my head. Gots my dance routine ready for the dancefloor...this song is hot Ndambi.!....for real

  12. This sh*t right hear ni**er, this sh*t right hear!....ahh ahh aah ooh(backgrounds-killin')....that bass line(nuff said)....F*ckinwitchu(waah!). F*ck saving hip-hop! This is one of the pieces to the puzzle that will help save music PERIOD. N'dambi...the new super hero(da da da duuun!)...errbody go put a N on ur chest! If u don't have Little Lost Girls Blues, Tunin' Up & Cosignin' or A Weird Kinda Wonderful, go put an S on ur chest for Shame on U. I "Can't Hardly Wait" to get my hands on this project. I will be at the car wash bumpin' this, wax on...wax off...shonuff!

  13. Harlem run me the MP3 homey....................

  14. N'dambi is truly the next sound and artist to rise to greatest. The time is right and we need a wonderful image such as her in the forefront of the soul/R&B sing.

  15. Lovin' this track - thanks!

  16. the bass line is hitting so hard on this song! I love N'Dambi. The coolest, the flyest...great come back girl!

  17. oh...i forgot to include the link to the video! HOT!!


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