Nike ‘Hyperizes’ Us To The Magic of 1988 West Coast Hip Hop

I am a woman rife with idiosyncrasies. In hindsight, many of the things I find most irksome have to do with my childhood: Jheri curls, herringbone chains, and old school West Coast music that I just do not understand. Before a coastal Hip Hop war ensues over my last statement, it may be helpful to explain that I also have an unwavering affection for DJ Quik, who makes an appearance in Nike's commercial (read: video) for "Hyperizers," their shoe of the same name. The commercial features aforementioned Jheri Curls, herringbones, as well as Cazals, Gumby haircuts, and other late '80s nostalgia. The true stars of this commercial Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, the Orlando Magic's Rashard Lewis, the Cleveland Cavaliers' Mo Williams and the Philadelphia 76ers' Andre Iguodala show their love for the Golden Age of Hip Hop with much stylish flair but definitely not with their rhyme skills. I'm not mad. It only means that none of them should quit their day jobs.

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2 Responses

  1. Saw the commercial last week on television and thought it was cool that Nike put out a little music video.

  2. LOL. I've seen this a few times over the weekend and never realized it was a Nike commercial!! I never saw the end and I thought it was just some wack new song that some retro kids put out. Ha...I'm laughing at myself!!


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