Tank Warms Up The Day With ‘Make Up Sex’

tank_pout.jpgIt seems as though getting your grind on for special occasions has been a theme that has started to dominate the Summer. That horrendous Lenny Williams-rip off "Birthday Sex" is something I have quickly forgotten. Tank's "Make Up Sex," however, is something I can co-sign mainly because the thought of hearing a song about sex with anyone who isn't bringing the full masculinity just isn't appealing. It may also be because I miss the sound of a real grown man's voice singing as well, as opposed to whatever is passing for singing these days. In any case, take a listen and judge for yourself. [H/T:JSN

Tank: "Make Up Sex"

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    Ahhhh a welcome respite from his usual. The Damon Thomas/Underdogs/Pitch Corrected until he sounds like a robot, records that he's done in the past.
    And and extra special congrats to the man for
    1. Using a live drummer
    2. Letting the drummer get a solo.
    3. and NO PITCH CORRECTION !!!!!

  2. God. I love SB! Thank you.

  3. This same tired, played out style, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX is whats killing real R&B. This is reason number one I miss Luther, can any current black male singer today, write a song without mentioning how he's gonna smack it up, beat it up, sex it up???? Real soul music, is about the anticipation of romance not skeeting from the window to the wall. Tank is a talented cat he can either be a leader or a follower, from this joint here, he's a follower. There is absolutely no originality in today's modern R&B, i'm gonna have to start listening to country music pretty soon:)

  4. I agree with stoneyisland.

  5. sounds like jamie foxx. not nessecarily the vocals (although, somewhat) but the arrangement, content, etc... i agree with Mutada al sader the king, i love the drums...

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    Country is just as bad now, maybe not the subject matter, like you stated but the production styles are as bad as R&B. Extreme pitch correction, time corrected snap to grid "live drums", drum sample replacement, copy and pasting part instead of playing the whole way through etc. Country's more Pop that ever now. But I agree, this dude is forever talking about how he's knocking um down. It gets old. Women do ya'll like hearing that on every song ? Peace


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