Thankfully We Haven’t ‘Heard ‘Em All’ From Amerie Yet


Although "Why R U," the first single from Amerie's upcoming album In Love & War, was decent, it certainly let many of us wanting more. And good on us for having higher expectations of her because on the second single "Heard 'Em All" she more than delivers. It bangs surprisingly hard with its sparse but powerful Afro-Caribbean infused beat. And even though vocally she plays it safe, barely singing at times, the repetitiousness of her chanting and range jumping in the chorus is infectious enough to give the bridge maximum impact. It showcases a fantastic rhythmic shift from poppy staccato to draggy R&B grind (and a testament to producer Eric Hudson's skills). "Heard 'Em All" absolutely makes me wanna hear more from Amerie.

Amerie: "Heard 'Em All"

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  1. Bleh. It's decent. I'm still waiting on an "All I Have"-type track.

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    Ok, I'm trying really hard to not be cynical...and just to state I perfer Nova's more cautious stance on recent Amerie/DefJam tunes. But this track is about as unimpressive as the last 5 or 6 she's put out recently...borderline Basura Caliente! Be it Why R U or Tell Me U Love. NONE of it even comes close to the All I Have stuff. So nothing personal, but it's feeling a little fake this review you've given...even understanding that songs can ring harmonious to you and not I. It just feels like yall like the access or under the table label money...which non of us should probably believe.
    I mean I could sit hear and scream she needs Rich Harrison all day but at this point I think her problem is bigger than any producer. It's a phenomenon that I've explained to many people and most understand:
    Rarely does any artist put out a better album than that very first album that they've sometimes slaved for decades over...outside of the studio...penning, then repenning, trying different tones, keys and phrasing. By the time label heads and A&R listen/see it finally, they can't tell if the person's a musical genius, or just have mastered their craft on that one body of work. And for some artists they have one pony(see Amerie), others have highly versatile ponies (see MJB, DeAngelo, Bono) with limitless upside. And others are just alien beings (see Andre 3000). Amerie unfortunately has tried to stay in her lane...but that lane is quickly becoming obsolete...unfortunately so many people have moved on from that. I personally think she can't find that lane anymore. Every song sounds the from present day.
    Simmer down Ro, don't know if E. Hudson is your cousin or what but it's just another track I won't hear on satelite, mainstream, hopefully not BET or anywhere else. I wouldn't even clear it for single release...a clear strike one for job loss at Def Jam HQ. Something tells me she hasn't worked as hard on any of her subsequent albums as she did on her first..trying to get a foot in the door. There's no way.
    This album won't even come close to the real...soon to be grammy nominated...Love & War album by Daniel Merriweather. Of course here yall follow your favoriites, which is natural. But how late were yall to Jazmine, Winehouse, Adele...and now Daniel Merriweather. I can't be the first person to mention him yall.

  3. It's okay. Maybe it'll grow on me.

  4. eh, the song did nothing for me. it sounded too beyonce-ish. and can ne-yo take a seat please? i'm tired of hearing him on everybody's song. though i'm one of the few that actually digs 'why r u,' i'm still skeptical about the underwhelming songs that have leaked out.


  6. Ummm...that song is blah. The fake patois doesn't fit her and her "chanting" is rather annoying. Try again A.

  7. Personally, I think Amerie is doing way too much on this track, and as a Jamaican, I really can't deal with the faux patois. This sounds like a Sasha Fierce reject.
    Now to address M. Hussien, if Ro is feeling the song, who are you to call her review fake? GTFOH
    And to assert that there's some ulterior motive or compensation to be had for a positive review? What a joke. Seriously GTFOH.
    Then to say that we were late to Jazmine Sullivan, Adele and Daniel Merriweather? Dude, how long have you been reading SoulBounce? Five minutes? Check the archives before you start popping off and trying to hand out late passes.
    In closing, GTFOH.

  8. LOL, I stand by my review. This is one of the best songs she's released in a long while. It isn't blowing open any doors or wowing with its innovation or vocal prowess. Not at all. Like I wrote, she barely sings at all. That's not what I listen to Amerie for anyway. This song is catchy as hell and that bridge alone is worth listening to the whole song.
    M. Hussein: "Amerie unfortunately has tried to stay in her lane...but that lane is quickly becoming obsolete...unfortunately so many people have moved on from that," is a FANTASTIC point. I agree. But if I'm Eric Hudson's cousin then you must be Daniel Merriweather's sister.
    Butta: You're right about the forced patois. You're also right about the accusations being a joke.

  9. Not impressed.That song was just 3 minutes of noise to me... Sorry Amerie, try again

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    Excellent production (E-Hud is a beast), excellent vocals, the bridge was nice. And I like her voice LOTS. I just don't like the song, nothing wrong with it sometimes you just don't like something, does not mean its bad. I'm actually considering buying her album, her voice sounds amazing, I really dig what she does.

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    Touche on my Merriweather plugs...
    but wow, on the sister reference, I didn't think I was being that critical to deserve that.
    I'll just sit back and wait for my turn to say 'I told you so'.
    ya esta!

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    And butta I come close to saying it's a fake review for the labels...and clearly say none of us should believe this.
    "...It just feels like yall like the access or under the table label money...which none of us should probably believe."
    It's you're dime on the server space...but fyi your first mention of Jaz was 12/10/2008...album release date...09/28/2008...
    I'm sure Foreign Exchange got more buzz on here, which I must admit I'm happy about, especially being a NC person and a LB fan from way back. I understand what you all are getting at. Clearly some artists need more of a push than others. So there's no need to get defensive here.
    My overall point (outside of endless plugging of you know who) is there is no way this latest release from Amerie was anything different than the last two or three uptempo-fender-rhythmed cuts. But butta you are right that is her right.
    I'm not handing out late passes, it is what it is.
    certain cats get love.

  13. M. Hussein: Looks like there's a bug in our search function. The archives go back further than that. Because for the record our first blog about Jazmine Sullivan was in April 2008:
    Just wanted to clear that up.
    And we spread & show love to A LOT of acts here at SB. Yes, we have our collective and individual faves, which may or may not overlap, but we ride hard regardless.

  14. eh, not feeling it. like the other tracks she has out much better. especially Why R U.

  15. Understood. I just want to thank you all for the outlet, as well as the tunes. Can we hug it out:), (after you slap me on the wrist) We actually share much of the same tastes in music

  16. This track is hot. The preview of her album on the Def Jam website is even hotter. Higher is reminiscent of a young Tina Turner. "Tell Me You Love Me" is some next level "1 Thing" ish. "Pretty Brown Eyes" takes me back to the "All I Have" mid-tempo jams from back in the day. "Red Eye" is giving you some Baby Making vibe. I can't wait for her album to drop!!!


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