The Blueprint For Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint 3’

jay-z_blueprint3_cover.jpgWhether you're one of the ones who feels like "D.O.A." was deemed hot by default or you think that without him there is no game, there's no doubt that Blueprint 3 is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. At this stage in his career, Hov's existence is hype enough to keep folks tuned in to his next move. And at less than a month away--the album drops on September 11th--we'll all soon find out if the content surpases expectations. Does the tracklist provide any insight into anything? Drake, Mr. Hudson, and Alicia Keys? Full listing after the bounce!


What do you Bouncers think?

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5 Responses

  1. I think at this point Jay-Z is so embedded in the hype machine that even if this cd is garbage it will be deemed the "second coming" of hip/hop.

  2. Jay Z hasn't been the same since blueprint, but the kids will eat it up.Run This Town is garbage.

  3. its a lot of features, but none of them are horrible, IMO. I'm a Jay fan so I'll be buying it. I don't have extremely high hopes, but I do know if its garbage (like BP2 was) im not buying anymore of his music., and I own every CD.

  4. American Gangster was terrific, here's hoping it's at least half as good as that

  5. yall r fucking lame jay z is da best dat ever did


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