The Foreign Exchange Will Never Tumble Like A ‘House Of Cards’

There always exist songs on all of my favorite albums which are the cuts selected as good by the record label to be released as singles, and those songs that I determine are choice cuts based upon my gut reaction to them. The Foreign Exchange's "House Of Cards" is one of those songs that fits into the latter category. Although the subject matter is a bit droll (potential suicide), it's done so well that it reminds me of another favorite video centering on a man finding himself in a similar debacle while perched upon the ledge of a building. Here's to hoping the subject in this video was able to fly away like an eagle as the subject in Yes' "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" did.

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  1. Argubly the best song of the album. The video is on point. And I am glad to see Ms. Muhsinah is in the video. Her vocals to me made this album so special.