We’ll Never Be ‘Over’ Joy Jones

joy_jones_godchild_cover.jpgIt's been exactly two months since we hipped you to Joy Jones, and I have no one but myself to blame when it comes to not being up on this LA native's infectious style. After hearing this song along with all the others I have written about this year, I can no longer count myself as one of the many of disgruntled music lovers who claim that 2009 has been the worst in several years for new music. "Over," a sparse yet rich track finds Joy singing over the bassline used so expertly in A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation" (thank you, Ronnie Foster). Don't be afraid of the Auto-Tune of her voice or the shortness of this track. This song is much more substantial than my description, and is likely what Rihanna wishes she could sound like. Make sure you cop Joy's latest, Godchild, for so much more. 

Joy Jones: "Over"

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7 Responses

  1. OMG. this jawn is KILLIN' EM! OMG. the simplicity of it with the nostalgic nod to ATCQ and harmonies make it OKAY to rock a lil' auto-tune because it's being used as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED = as an accent of actual VOCAL TALENT.
    Joy Jones is on that list of dynamic songstresses who are pushing the envelope of creativity with pure musicianship.
    The fellas have to step up..oh that's right, ERRO drops TOMORROW FTW!

  2. I've heard the name, but never the voice. Wow. I usually hate auto-tune with a burning passion, but this is done in an intentional & artistic manner, not to cover up a horrible inability to sing on pitch. I love the sparseness of it. I want to hear more.

  3. Uhhh...this is how you use autotune, people. How pretty...
    Great make out song.

  4. Avatar

    Naw this sucks. Nothing cool, about the autotune. Its time to put that shit to bed. She sounds like Cassie. Yes. Cassie And a funky bassline, based on a classic track wont make me want to hear this song again.

  5. Love how haunting it sounds. This is one of my faves off her album. If you HAVE to use autotune, please use it this way!

  6. This is one talented lady ... the album is well worth a listen.
    In my opinion '09 aint been that bad ... yeas there have been dissappointments, but there have been some great 'under the radar' releases


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