Whatever Happened To The Asian Lady With The Long Hair From ‘Soul Train’?


Chances are, you know exactly who I am referring to in the title without having to refer to the woman pictured on the left in the photo. If you are of a certain age, you likely remember Soul Train's Cheryl Song, the woman whose hair I coveted so much I walked around the house in a yellow towel at times to recreate flowing tresses. She was not only a featured Soul Train dancer, but was a dancer in Rick James' "Superfreak" video and also got assaulted with a kiss in the beginning of the "Beat It" video. Apparently, Cheryl also played a role in Michael Jackson learning how to moonwalk. As fate would have it, Cheryl has shortened her trademark locks and is now an executive assistant at the Transportation & Safety Association in Los Angeles. Has all this nostalgia gotten you down? Don't fret. You can still remember those good old days with Cheryl after the bounce. Props to Stylus for the intel on this one.

LAX Employee Had Role in Jackson Learning the Moonwalk [TSA]

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  1. Better yet, what happened to the zesty brotha with the jheri curl who used to do the "shoulder shake" dance who was often partnered up with Cheryl?

  2. I have wondered what happened to her for years! how random of a post! LOL

  3. Thanks ill mami--i really did wonder!

  4. When will that VH1 special come on?
    Also what about the light skinded guy with the sunglasses, the hat and the one dance move that looked like "heil Hitler"? I just saw him in some old school video.

  5. Now that was dancing, all of the dances had names:) I had such a crush on baby doll, she was probably one of the most popular figures on soul train after Don, what happened to the tall light skin dude who use to just walk around on stage? last time I saw him was in a BBD video:)

  6. @hoodedmonk & stoneyisland: You're talking about Louie "Ski" Carr, Jr. He's an actor now. He's been in a few B-movies and some guest spots on tv shows such as CSI.

  7. How weird you should post this when my husband and I were wondering this just the other day.

  8. Wow, this is why I love this blog! Who would've known!! Great post SB!

  9. I love this. Oddly, she's a person I adore, the kind that appear in 2 iconic videos and then just kind of vanish into pop culture air. I have often wondered what happened to her. Thanks so much for this update!
    Boy, could she move on 'Soul Train'!

  10. Yeah Louie "Ski" Carr, Jr was my favorite...he was at the penacle of his popularity when he used to sport the Ronald Reagan mask...Cheryl was the first asian girl I thought was sexy...but she used to kill me with the 'too pretty for school' dance.

  11. Get it Ms. Song! I can be too yong to remember this and STILL love and appreciate those moves! And those outfits!!!!!

  12. Now we know what happen to the asian lady on soul train

  13. Hey Gang... I'm really surprised to view this segment of Ms Cheryl Song!
    I've read the comments here but would like to know if Cheryl has a website or facebook link that we can somewhat "holla" at her?... I've ALWAYS thought she rock'd it with the dance, look and persona!
    Cheers everyone and any info would be most kind fo'sho...PEACE.

  14. God what a hottie back then. I am sure she is just as awesome now.

  15. i just happened on this URL. interesting! I danced with her back in high school once. i was so intimidated by her beauty. i wonder if she'll ever know how much i adored her from afar. if only...

  16. I was about 8 years old when I first saw "The lady with the long hair" as I would say to my mother, she always watched Soul Train and I used to hate it, because she watched it so much. When Cheryl Song appeared I couldn't stop watching the show.

  17. My wife and I always wondered if Cheryl was a
    fillipino; there were not many Asian dancers or entertainers back in the early 70's on TV so my wife, from the Phillipines, was so proud of Cheryl

  18. Cheryl u were the first woman i really was like "Hey she is sexy!" and I think I was like 10 and you are still sexy and I'm 46 now. Shake it girl like you can do so good.

  19. Cheryl song is actually Chinese... she doesn't even look Filipino. But, that's
    cool that your wife felt a sense of pride.. Any Asian should.. I'm a
    Japanese, and I felt a sense of pride in myself when I watched her as a
    kid. Having grown up in the US for half of my childhood and being
    ridiculed on a daily basis, seeing an Asian dancer on TV gave me hope..

  20. Hey Everyone, I just ran across this post and wanted to let you know that Cheryl is doing fine. She's a close and personal friend of mine and we talk almost daily. She'll be so overwhelmed to know that she is remembered, missed and appreciated by so many.


  21. Louie Ski Carr is the guy you're referring to.

  22. I remember him too, he had some of the best moves

  23. Many black males I knew had a major crush on Cheryl