Whitney Sounds Like A ‘Million Dollar Bill’


No wonder Whitney Houston was all smiles and hugging up on Alicia Keys like they were BFF's at her recent NYC listening party. As it turns out, Alicia and her boo Swizz Beats hooked Whitney up lovely on "Million Dollar Bill, the "official" first single from I Look To You, due in stores August 31st. No stranger to singing songs for the dance floor, Whitney and company have crafted an upbeat groove that you can two-step to. Personally, I love this song in all its Donna/Diana/discotheque diva splendor. Is Whitney's voice as strong as it once was when she belted out "I'm Every Woman"? No, but that's been established already. For who she is now and where she is now, this works for me. Here's to hoping this track gets a tight video to match. 

Whitney Houston: "Million Dollar Bill"

Whitney Houston I Look To You [Amazon]

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  1. Although I love disco music, I can't get into this song, but it does remind me of an old Tavares cut.

  2. I luv this, I immediately get an "Upside Down" feeL, Whitney spread her creative wings with this and she sounds good.-QH

  3. I thought disco was dead...PEACE.

  4. loved it. Happy Ms. Whitney is back!

  5. Avatar

    I like this, by far the best I've heard of the new stuff. I was driving yesterday and "Im your baby" cam on the radio. Man her voice use to be killer

  6. Hmm, just can't get with it. I don't care for it at all.

  7. God Bless Whitney, it looks like she's trying to move forward.I wish her the best,with this new CD.

  8. A nice try , the backtrack is a sample from an old discotune by Lolelatta Holloway from the 1970s called where getting stronger , i tried to recognise the typical voice of Whitney , but it almost isnt
    there at al... i wish her luck with this one and hopfully she comes around totally

  9. I like it, though there's a sneaky tingle in the bad of my mind that says it feels incomplete, lacking some element I can't put my finger on. I know one thing, it's not overdone. I like her formula though, showcase herself first and sneak the collabo's later down the road.
    I wish her luck. Cause her voice now is good enough for me.

  10. The best of the leaks so far

  11. Sorry, I am not buying....Whitney, *misses*

  12. Hi,
    I have already seen it somethere...


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