Who’s Really The Coon In Nas & Nick Cannon’s Hip Hop PSA?

Celebrities overall are a strange lot. And when they conspire to work together towards a common goal, the results can often be unintentionally hilarious at best. This is exactly why the video for "Eat Dat Watermelon" is so incredibly ironic. Nas' assertion that the "corporate world" is "diluting our culture for nothing more than profit" seems earnest enough, except that last time I checked, no rapper was being held at gunpoint to turn out coontastic dances and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on trinkets. To add insult to injury, Nick Cannon (former "Gigolo") portrays one of the Mantan-esque rappers. In my opinion, it is entirely possible to drop gems while they're dripping from one's neck. I have learned to not hold my breath, however, waiting for this phenomenon to return to prominence. Someone please page me when they can explain the point of this public service announcement.

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  1. Another person who can't see straight. It's not about somebody putting a gun to the rappers' heads. I'm not mad at The GS Boyz for coming up with "The Stanky Leg" and "The Booty Dew."
    Who in the hell would agree to give them a record deal? That's the point. Did you know Goodie Mob re-united last year and can't get a record deal?
    These people are pickin the most idiotic looking and sounding Black people they can find and blasting them to the entire world. WE know that all Black people are like that because we live in America. The people outside of America think that's who WE all are.
    Nobody put a gun to an executive's head and made him sign The GS Boys, or D4L before them, or OJ Da Juiceman.
    So give me one valid reason why they have a deal. It's not the money. They are not moving units. Can you explain that?

  2. Oops, I meant "not like that." Is that a Freudian slip?

  3. I am a big Nas hater, I think dude is madly over rated and a douchebag as a husband:) however he does have his moments, this being one of those moments of truth. We are scrapping the bottom of the pot as it is now, I wouldnt be suprised if some Sambo, uncle tom types will one day get in black face and eat watermelon or fried chicken on stage or in a video. Hell we have enough rappers walking around now minus the blackface but still never the less are walking minstrel shows ( Lil John, Ying Yang Twins, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy ) hell any grown ass man over 30 still rocking braids and baggy jeans should be included:).....................

  4. Nick Cannon was not one of the "rappers" in blackface. I think a discussion on what is harmful to the community is fine but it really matters who gets to define what is harmful. Nas gets to tell everyone else what is acceptable in rap? It has always been interesting to me that if we as black people are striving to claim our place as full American citizens - not that all of us are striving for that - then why isn't there room for buffoonery? I am well aware of the history that makes this discussion a popular one among educated and middle class black people but I think the other side of the coin of equality is the freedom to be just as ridiculous as any other group of people and even more so if that's what we choose.
    I hear and understand the arguments about why this might not be just a "choice" but I refuse to believe that the artists and we as a people are merely puppets being jerked around by some big white-or black even-puppetmaster. I know that many of us feel like we have to always be twice as good as the next person but maybe we should just be. That means Nas can just be, the Stanky Leg boys can just be, Hortense Spillers can just be.

  5. look as bad as it is now it was a lot worse five years ago when everyone was dancing to the music of Lil Jon and his friends Sam-Bo (lil Bo and Big Sam)......
    Now the only difference is that the minstrel show act is becoming old and the mainstream audience are beginning to see the strings that hold it together. Also Stoneyisland I don't care what Nas Did no one deserves $40,000 a month for being in a bad relationship and getting pregnant.


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