Bounce-Worthy: Quadron


I absolutely adore moody, heady music. It seems to set my mind at ease, and serves the same purpose that jazz music does: to calm a cranky child, settle arguments or put me to sleep. It is for this very reason that I am more than excited, as calm as I can possibly be, to be made aware of Quadron.

Consisting of Robin Hannibal (of Owusu & Hannibal) and Coco, Quadron's style is what we've come to expect from the Danish soul scene of late, swirling, contemplative, and soothing. You may come to hear more of them in the coming months when the desire for music that evokes a darker mood is at fever pitch. Until then, keep an ear out for them and their debut Quadron when it hits our shores.

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12 Responses

  1. This site is awesome!! I am truly diggin' Quadron. I had to go to hell (work) today and it was truly that. lol. I had the Ice Cube eyebrows a minute ago. These guys calmed me. I forgot what pissed me off. Thank You SoulBounce!

  2. Though I live in Denmark I had never heard of them before. Luckily I can experience them LIVE next few weeks in different places in Copenhagen.. Can't wait!

  3. Fantastic, love the instrumentation and the moody lyrics. It sets my soul just right.

  4. illmami beat me to the punch on this one ... i'm part way through a full album review lol.
    I agree this is just what you need after a hard day, perfect for relaxing and unwinding with a drink or 3.

  5. Love the "Jeans" track, has a nice feel to it...

  6. Damn! This is the kind of music me and hubby make love to. Love it!!!

  7. I meant to distinguish that "Day" is the the type of music.

  8. Very fly music. Me likes a lot.

  9. I stumbled upon this site seeking more info on these guys after hearing Day on Giles Peterson's show on BBC Radio 1.

  10. Wow. "Day"is beautiful and I like the funkiness of "Jeans." Who knew that Danish folks were putting it down like this! What a wonderful surprise.

  11. I'm loving the Chill &Funky sound of Quadron. Sort of puts me in mind of Lisa Shaw/Adele. Love it. Thanks for making me a new fan.