Bounce-Worthy: Szjerdene


I am so not one to ever pay too much attention to comparisons to other established artists that are often found in bios of up-and-coming artists. When it comes to this 20-year-old British chanteuse--and I'm using that word for its full effect--the comparisons hold weight. You know how when you hear something that is truly the real thing, there is no mistaking it. It's as if the timbre, pitch, and melody of that person's voice combines into something that cannot be denied. This is how I feel about Szjerdene's voice. I am absolutely confident that we will find her name uttered more and more as the future grows nearer. Consider yourself schooled. Much thanks to Soul Culture for the recommendation.

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6 Responses

  1. pretty...

  2. She sounds great. Quality of the recording sound like shit though.

  3. Sounds like Adele and Chrisette Michelle had a baby,

  4. loved both. i know that her 1st album isn't out yet but i can't believe that there is nothing to download in the meantime. help a sista out, ill mami.

  5. @ asha:
    Hey mayne, that's all I got. I'll see if I can get you your fix soon enough 😉