Janet Jackson’s ‘Make Me’ Is What We’ve Been Waiting For


No, your sleepy eyes do not deceive you, this is a special after hours post to shine the spotlight on Janet Jackson, who has already made my week and it has barely started. Not only did she pay tribute to her brother Michael in one of the more exciting performances on Sunday night's dismal MTV Video Music Awards (video after the bounce), but she surprised her fans with a very special gift on her website--a certified banger of a new song! Janet channels her old Miss Jackson If You're Nasty self on "Make Me." This is kind of song we have been waiting for from Jan--a fresh-sounding throwback that you can throw down to on the dance floor. The lyrics are flirty and fun, and she shows more love to Michael on the chorus with a wink and nod to "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough." This song is everything right now.

Janet Jackson: "Make Me"

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13 Responses

  1. How "Triumph"esque, The Jacksons would be proud. I like this, and like most of the stuff she's done this decade. Ms. Jackson continues her quality run of music.

  2. I dont heat HIT but its a good song and it sounds like old JJ.

  3. Jimmy and Terry? Nice song !!
    With MJ gone Janet officially has the smoothest back round vocal is the biz. The harmony and cohesion in her voice is unmatched. Why is this in Mono?

  4. This is classic Janet. Her performance last night was the highlight of the vmas.

  5. A really, really nice jam from Ms. Jackson! We likes it a lot. It hits all the right notes.

  6. Awesome song! Loving the retro vibe. Classic Janet!

  7. its offical janet back!!!!1 song is hot

  8. Love Janet and I love this song. It contains samples from "working day and night, Don't stop till you get enough" and this song..

  9. Oh, that video... Janet loves her big brother. It made me cry all over again. And yes, the new song is definitely hot. Thanks, SoulBounce!

  10. Isn't that J Lo's ex-husband behind her in the shot?

  11. Rodney Jerkins did this song and like his work on Discipline... the dude has captured the real Janet. Definitely a banger. GO GET EM Janet!!

  12. Kind of reminded me of Get on the Floor in some parts. This is SO winning right now!

  13. That performance was the Sh*t. Just purchased my copy of Make Me from Amazon. This song was produced by Rodney Jerkins and it looks like Janet is back with A&M Records.


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