Keyel’s Love For ‘Mary Jane’ Can Be Yours

keyel-2.jpgAs you read this, most of you have that unavoidable feeling that you just can't shake: Summer is almost over. While I can't really relate since it really never does rain in Southern California or get cold for that matter, it doesn't mean that getting into a contemplative mood more appropriate for Autumn's emergence isn't still fun. That being said, allow me to introduce your new soundtrack for the thoughtful times you will soon encounter. Keyel, a Cleveland Hip Hop outfit, have a sound that is much more tailored to the Hip Hop of yore, beat-driven with a Jazzy feel to it. Their "Mary Jane," produced by fLako, is a jazzy little love song like the ones I grew up hearing. You know, the ones that could set the mood instead of making you want to defensively flinch every time a derogatory word for a female was uttered in rhyme form. In any case, I've had this joint on repeat for a while. You may soon come to chose this as your option as well. [H/T: MVMT]

Keyel: "Mary Jane"

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4 Responses

  1. I absolutely LOVE this... you just gave me a new repeat song too!

  2. the review is crazy!! many thanks on the love!!

  3. Love it! I've had this repeating for last 15 minutes.


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