Ledisi Shows Up, Turns It ‘Loose’ On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Speechless. That's how Ledisi left me after watching the clip below of her performance on The Wendy Williams Show. What's ironic is that it's Wendy that usually leaves me speechless, since I'm intensely scared of her. However, for Ledisi, and that outrageously golden voice, I braved the fear inside of me to hear her sing "Turn Me Loose," the title track from her album. Lawdhadmercy. Simply incredible. If you don't have this album yet, or don't go get it after watching this, there's nothing I can tell you. Oh, wait. Yes there is. GO. GET. IT. Turn Me Loose is in stores now. Me? I'm about to go press play again. The things I do for amazing music.

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  1. LOL! @ Wendy scaring you. I made sure I was near a tv to watch this performance on Friday. Ledisi gave the PURE BIZNESS to them! I have to see her perform live soon. "Turn Me Loose" is the truth. Cop that album, kids. ASAP.

  2. LOL@Harlem...U tickle me!
    There is SO MUCH I could say, about the AMAZING FORCE that is LEDISI. Frankly, MUSIC just WOULDN'T be the same, without her! I had the televison set, the day BEFORE, for this performance, and as always, my girl let us know WHY the world needs to WAKE-UP and PAY ATTENTION. In classic ledisi fashion, she pulled the audience out of themselves, asking: "Why ya'll lookin' at me, like that?!" LOLOLOL!!!! YES!!!! They couldn't TAKE, but she gave it, and left us SPEECHLESS!
    I'm GOOD!

  3. Ledi is looking good!! sista has dropped some serious weight.

  4. i enjoyed everything about that performance..she sounded awesome, looked awesome, just all-around awesomeness.

  5. Amen... Amen... That women is annointed! She took us all straight to church with that performance.

  6. If I could pick ONE artist to come to the UK and do a show it would be Ledisi. I love all 5 of her albums (incl. the Xmas one) and have heard that she puts on one hell of a show!

  7. alright... i'm not a fan of her music, but i frickin love her voice!! i love how she uses her instrument. and i love how effortless she is with it. i'd actually go see her without knowing one note of her music. brilliant, i tell you!

  8. That woman is a BEAST! And I mean that in the BEST way...thanks soulbounce for that clip! I'm sharing it with all my friends...

  9. Wow! Thanks for turning me on to her music. I will need to check her abum out.

  10. Lawd, that woman.....I feel so blessed to have seen her perform live as many times as I have. I'm really glad Wendy had her on the show. Her audience needs a lesson in what real sanginnn is.
    As I said on Twitta, if you don't cop this album, you'll stay losin!

  11. @marques, I'm with you.
    I love Ledisi's voice & performance but there always seems something missing in her music. Besides In the Morning the songs never stick with me! I used to say, if Jill Scott wrote for Ledisi, she would be huge.


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