Mary J. Blige Turns Her Swag On In ‘The One’

Proving that she's the Neo of this here R&B game, Mary J. Blige has released the video for her song "The One." Too bad her voice sounds like it's caught in the Matrix. But we've already gone on record about our disdain for this track, so there's no need to reheat the leftovers. As far as the video is concerned, MJB turns her swag on and looks much better here than she did in the clip for "Stronger." The shorter hair is a good look, her makeup is slammin' and she gets on the good foot with a few dance moves. And, oh, look who it is? Drake. He's quickly become the go-to guy for rap features in songs, and, unlike some of his cohorts, he's easy on the eyeballs so his presence here was to be expected. Now here's to hoping that Mary does something unexpected on her upcoming album.

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  1. I'm failing to understand the concept of this video.

  2. YAWN!! Mary should have just sat there and let the dancers do their thang.. N Drake should just sit there n be quite as well...

  3. I think tjhe video is HOT! It made me like the song a whole lot more. The only thing is that Drake's piece is sooooo unnecessarry. He adds nothing to it.

  4. Post modern Mad-max swag-inducing futuristic Tron-R&B...CGI meets serious budgetary constraints on location scouting funds...LOL
    The simply used the location funds for dancers it appears...

  5. Eh. Not sure why established brilliant artists are givin this kid so much shine. It makes no fuckin sense to me. I wonder if aging greats know that little about younger generations and just follow whatever trends they are told are the new shit. Sad. She's better than this putrid mess.

  6. First off, I must concur with DLS77...This video is one of the HOTTEST out, right now...Mary looks GREAT...Wardrobe, HAIR and make-up are ALL slammin. This is far from Mary's best work, infact, I find the song rather lackluster, in it's originality and substance. However, thanks to the VISUALS, I can atleast stomach the wasteful bantor. Lastly, Drake is an insignificant fade, that will be here today, and gone tomorrow. It's just unfortunate the QUEEN felt it necessary to jump on the bandwagon.

  7. I didn't know what to expect for the video so I was hugely surprised and delighted to see MJB do something eccentric, yet current nonetheless. Much better than the cell phone commercial. And yeah Drake isn't spectacular on this, but he is where hip-hop is at. Although I could see Kanye's own boastful persona lacing something fierce on this track. Remix....possibly...

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    Mary does look awesome in this vid, makes me wish I liked the song, but I truthfully think it's some kind of sadly the video didn't help me there. as for Drake? eh. I wouldn't have missed his presence here, although it's cameos like this that make me wish he would've never EVER hooked up with Lil Wayne. His credibility is getting flushed down the crapper when I feel he has the talent to prove otherwise. But that's just ME.

  9. I Loved! Mary is the queen!