Morning Soul: Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan

4 Responses

  1. Kanye West is a major league douche bag. We all know that but to embarrass a 19 year old young lady with his actions last night was over the line, white america is outraged! Kanye can date all the white women he wants but he is about to have his preverbal "Negro Wake Up Call" dude has stepped in a hot steamy pile and only has himself to blame. Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy. Trump and a lot of celebraties have already said they are gonna boycott any and everything Kanye does, thats the only way he will learn, hit him in his back pocket. I officiall despise Kanye West, I'm sure his mother is proud of him....................

  2. Chris Brown was right on the head this tramp 15 seconds of fame are over, the bigger issue is why would Merriman want to touch, kiss or have sex with a chick that basically slobbed down over 50 people on her show??????? I wouldnt touch this broad with a ten foot pole, in a scuba suit in a biohazard lab. That said Chris go clean up a highway, godbless:)

  3. I like kanye but he's a big jerk...

  4. I love kanye but he gotta chance his ways about himself.


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