MTV Might Just Save This ‘West’ For Last

This was just a bad weekend for Black people. From Kid Cudi's skinny jeans during Friday night's benefit concert at the Garden to Serena Williams' profanity-laced offer to become the linesjudge's ear, nose and throat doctor to Evander Holyfield's embarrassing Taco Bell commercial to last night, when both Kanye West and Lil Mama became trending topics on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, it was a rough 72 hours. Last night may have been the worst, though, as Kanye West did what he does best at the MTV Video Music Awards, going off because of what he felt was an injustice to a Beyonce video. Some would say that since it happened so soon after Janet Jackson's touching tribute to Michael, that it marred the sentiment that started the show. I say that because it happened period, Black people may not be invited back to the ceremony.

Seriously, MTV may just adpot the same stance as the Grammys and decide
to give out "certain" awards before the show airs. Add to that the
embarrassing display by the diminutive America's Best Dance Crew judge during the rousing, inspirational finale as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
performed the new NYC anthem "Empire State of Mind," and they may ban
us from the network altogether. Think about it.All they really have to
do is send Diddy's stable of shows to *gulp* BET, and they'd be done with us as a people. Which would lead many, including myself, to scream: "Kanye West does not care about black people." (Not really, but it was a bad look.) If you haven't seen them already, the offensive acts are below. Insanity rules. iSigh.

Taylor Swift (and Kanye West?) Acceptance Speech For Best Female Video

Jay-Z, Alicia Keys (and Lil Mama?) "Empire State of Mind"

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17 Responses

  1. Yes...I always try to defend Kanye but he really screwed up last night. His actions were totally uncalled for...he should be ashamed of himself.
    Lil Mama'...I don't understand that either. There was no folks took an L last night (because of two weirdos)!

  2. Kanye is forever suffering from Foot In Mouth disease.

  3. This is just sad. Especially for me as a big Kanye fan. What he did was uncalled for and classless. I really think his star is gonna hard HARD very soon. If not now, then most certaintly later. He's not the type to just fade out. This won't end well.
    it amazes me how a person could make themselves hard to like on purpose. Especially when people bend over backwards to defend you because they like your music. Sad all around.

  4. *fall HARD

  5. As my mama says: "You're not embarrassing your people, you're embarrassing yourself." So Kanye and Lil' Mama brought embarrassment only to themselves. Especially Kanye, as taking the mic from a teenaged girl just shows how much of a jerk he truly is. Nothin' new, yes, but its an all-time low for him.
    Still in this case, the situations looked mighty bad because these bum rushes happened not once, but twice. My main question was WHERE WAS THE SECURITY? It's almost like MTV sort of wants this to happen. I'm not trying to read too deep into it because...its the VMA's and MTV needs their ratings, which we can obviously see...but seriously, someone should've stopped Lil' Mama, especially after what went down with Kanye beforehand. I would not be surprised if next year's VMA's was whitewashed with a streak of Beyonce.

  6. okay, guess first comment didn't post... However, MTV is not trippin on this... their in business mode.. and this is talk which equalls ratings. That said, kanye made an ass of himself in front of his peers and it only taks so long before they turn on you(remember britney) already people have had enough even Joe Jackson is dissin him now... lol..
    as for Lil Momma or whatever her name is... i can do nothin but laugh at her, cause what little career she had just went poof...hahaha

  7. Pure entertainment.
    I guess having bad manners is a trend. This may actually finish Kanye. The American media can destroy your career (or try to.. go Google "Michael Jackson"). And they (and other celebs) are going HARD on Kanye because this is not only his first time but he did to the young, bright country singer.
    The urban radio stations this morning were clowning his ass.. so I wonder what the country stations are saying (lol.. after what happened to the Dixie Chicks..)
    Lil Mama.. hilarious.. when Jay flicked her leg, I almost died laughing. Why get on stage? How unprofessional. What if Jay and A. Keys had something else planned like some dancers coming on stage at that moment...
    These VMAs are an indication of how bad the music industry has become. People and their EGOs had to HIJACK the night away from the worthy star that night, Mr. Michael Jackson.

  8. I'm stil pissed atthe Kanye BS. He had no right because that was HER moment. It's not gonna be pretty. Let that had been Pink she might have clocked him.

  9. This whole incident reminds me of the old VMAs when debacle and spectacle were par for the course. Kanye was no more offensive than usual, it's just that he was surrounded by so much well-executed narcissism (particularly from Lady Gaga and Madonna) that his own looked exaggeratedly bad. He did have a point, though. The video for "Single Ladies" is a classic. Why shouldn't it have won all the video categories available?

  10. I know some will say its not that serious, but I am really frustrated in Kanye's antics because we have no room for such buffoonery with a black president battling every day for credibility and respect. He is being undermined at every turn, from the hateful messages and threats at "tea parties", to the media/internet conspiracies to outbursts in the Halls of Congress.
    We can ill afford to have a black rapper leading news and entertainment media with this kind of behavior. It is doing the President, and black folks more broadly, no favors, given our continued struggle for equality and respect in this country. Kanye just acted out a stereotype and I'm sure, further provoked those who can't accept a black President.

  11. LMAO@ Jay-Z when he gives Lil Mama that "GET OUTTA HERE, SCRAM!!!!!" tap on the leg.
    Kanye and Lil Mama whomp whomp, GET OFF THE STAGE!!! BOOOO!!
    What a way to really stink up the only two real exciting moments of the night. (MJ Tribute and Jay/Alicia Keys Performance)

  12. Le'ts keep this all in perspective, too: Whether Kanye was right about Bey deserving the award doesn't really matter, since what he did was totally wrong. Like, inexcusably wrong. No one deserved that nonsense. Besides, Bey has more trophies than most of us have clothes hangers. And it's the MTV Awards. We should really be chastising them for giving Eminem an award over the people in his category.

  13. Anybody see him on Leno, acting all depressed and what not? in DC they call this putting a spin on things. Kanye realized he has effected the bottom line, being his sells, right now he is the most hated black man in America since OJ was found innocent:) I have no sympathy for Kanye I hope his 5 minutes of fame are up.....who the hell is Lil Mama? never heard of her, but I think we can all rest assured her career what little she had is over, Jigga will see to that.

  14. Because sometimes the glass is also half-full....
    Wasn't Beyonce a model of ladylike generosity, diplomacy and grace?
    Worth mentioning.

  15. Never have been a big Beyonce fan but sister handled herself with class and grace last night....................

  16. @Stephon, totally agreed. I too was a Kanye fan who bent over backwards to support his foolishness, but no more. For awhile he got a pass after his mother passed, but enough is enough. But I was so glad Beyonce showed for once that she's a human being with real feelings with the way she handled Taylor Swift. And Jay-Z's entire reaction to Lil Mama was just priceless. First he entertains her for a few seconds, then when he totally blew her off--comedy. No point in trying to save face Lil Mama, that was like committing blasphemy. It's over.

  17. I love this site, and I'm usually just a lurker, but I have to comment on this.
    I don't see why Kanye and Lil Mama's actions would be reflective of ALL black people. Are Lady Gaga`s insane outfits reflective of how ridiculous and self-important ALL white people are?
    Kanye embarrassed Taylor Swift AND shouldn`t Beyonce`s graciousness also reflect all black people?
    And Lil Mama interruped Jay-Z and Alicia Keys...shouldn`t Jay and Alicia be reflective of how iconic, professional and successful black people are? So seriously, MTV aren`t going to invite Jay-Z and Beyonce and Janet and Alicia back because of what Kanye did? And they won`t invite black people back after that tribute to Michael Jackson...MICHAEL JACKSON...the black man who basically MADE mtv what it is, and forced mtv to change their racist ways and put black videos on? Kanye was rude and out of line...but to make him responsible for the image of an entire race of people is pretty insane. If other people want to judge an entire race based on the actions of one rapper, you know, that`s really not his fault...that`s the fault of the bigots (MTV certainly having a history of being one of those bigots - so I wouldn`t be surprised).


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