On The Road With The Foreign Exchange

Trust me, I know that all of the members of Foreign Exchange didn't grow up together. And it would be a totally "foreign" concept to think that they get along all the time. But still, seeing the videos of them on their West Coast tour that Yahzarah has been posting for the past week makes me wanna gather up the SoulBounce collective, pack 'em in a van and have us go traveling together like a broke azz Partridge Family. What's funny about this clip is that it does take you back to another place and time (the 80s, though...not the 60s), with the crew riding around in Seattle searching for snacks and listening to *wait for it* cassette tapes! Who, pray tell? Well, Milli Vanilli, Wham! and MJ's Thriller, of course. *snort* *chuckle* If you'd like to meet the band and hear an impromptu version of "Blame It On The Rain," check the latest video blog below and catch up with the rest here. And after that, have a great weekend.

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  1. They it. 🙂

  2. SB road trip? u are not ready. . .