That New Calvin Richardson? You ‘Gotta Have It’

Do you, like many of us, wonder where Calvin Richardson has been? Well, wonder no more. Turns out "The New Prince of Soul" has been working hard on a project that will be ready for your ears' consumption on September 25th--the ode to his forefather entitled Facts of Life, The Soul of Bobby Womack, which he self-wrote and produced. His channeling of the soul icon is uncanny, as demonstrated in the first single, "Woman's Gotta Have It," an interpretation of a Womack classic. Personally, he had me at the sunglasses. Check the video below, and for more information about the album, visit Calvin's Myspace page. We'll let you know more about the project as the release date nears. Oh, and if you live in NYC and would like to hear the album before it drops, our partners over at ONUTSS will be hosting a CR listening party uptown tomorrow evening. Details are here.

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6 Responses

  1. Cool. I saw Calvin Richardson in concert a few years back in Charlotte, NC. He opened for Ruben Studdard. Glad he's back!

  2. the song is cool, but the video is a waste... the director ought to be ashamed...

  3. I wouldn't say the video is a waste. We need more live recorded music videos. I've seen him in QC as well (he needs to bring his ass to Raleigh!!!) and the band is quite tight. heads like me like to steal the guitar chords. I love the throwback roots to this tune as well, he difinitely bathed in Bobby Womack sauce grownin up. Now Charlemagne if you were refering from a stylists perspective, I will never co-sign that outfit, but I'll let him slide on the womack tribute

  4. Special shout out to ONUTSS! That whole Calvin Album is HARRRRD!!! Best album (whatever genre) in forever...
    Bradd Marquis
    SOULMAN Music Group LLC

  5. Calvin is so terribly underrated. I loved his first album and I need to give 2:35 some more attention.
    I think he's found his niche here as he truly does Bobby right! Eddie Levert was talking about the greatness of Anthony Hamilton's voice one day on the radio and said he just needs the right song. The same applies here I think.
    This happens to be one of my favorite cuts off a great album. Please support this when it drops folx.

  6. I wasn't all that familiar with Calvin Richardson, aside from a couple of tracks i've heard over the last couple of years and the Angie Stone duet, however I gotta say this album is fantastic.
    He does all the tracks justice, even some of my Bobby Womack favourites like 'Woman's Gotta Have It', 'American Dream' and 'Daylight'.