The More ‘Things Change’ The More Black Spade Stays The Same

stoney_rock.jpgI have been loving Black Spade ever since I learned of his existence with his debut album To Serve With Love last year. He's been doing double duty as part of trio Hawthorne Headhunters who we recommended to you not too long ago. Adding to his list of noms de plume, he is now also known as Stoney Rock and brings to you a new track "Things Change." It reminds me very much of the type of Hip Hop that proliferated my pause cassette mixes back in the day, when Digable Planets and Freestyle Fellowship had me feeling all good about myself. The instrumentation on this joint along with the lyrics is a beacon of hope amongst the dregs audibly floating on the airwaves and wafting into our ears. I strongly suggest you listen to this (if for nothing else to hear the trumpet solo), decide you like it, and download it for free here. Thanks so much to HV8 for this Friday loveliness.

Stoney Rock: "Things Change"

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3 Responses

  1. Love Black Spade... I first heard him Nicolay's Here album... very talented.

  2. That trumpet solo (and all the brass on the track, for that matter) is Lamar Harris. Google him when you get a chance. I have the pleasure of working with him on the regular.


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