Welcoming Boyz II Men With ‘Open Arms’

With incredible harmonies, timeless lyrics and pristine production, Boyz II Men set the standard for '90s era R&B/soul groups and inspired a generation of boy bands from *NSYNC to Jagged Edge. Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris each hold their own vocally while their individual styles form a supernatural blend--floating miles above the beer-battered, deep fried hot mess of mediocrity readily available on your radio.
Although considered "the most successful R&B group of all time," Boyz II Men are still soaring to new levels of excellence in their music. Their upcoming CD is tentatively entitled, Love, and scheduled to drop this November.
"Open Arms" is a classic remake of Journey's 1982 hit. This single features Boyz II Men in their comfort zone as they saturate this rock power ballad in pure soul while American Idol's Randy Jackson delivers stellar production. (Sidenote: Randy Jackson was Journey's bassist in the late '80s and worked on Mariah Carey's remake of the song in 1996.)
It feels good to hear the three brothers from Philly once again as they remind us of their commanding talent and meticulous execution of melodies that shape our memories.

Boyz II Men: "Open Arms"

Boyz II Men "Open Arms" [Amazon][iTunes]

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11 Responses

  1. you dont even understand how excited i am to hear from them again!!!!! i didnt care for their "throwback" album, re-vamping oldies but goodies. but ive always been a fan! i love me some boyz ii men!!!!!! welcome back babies!

  2. Come on with the covers fellas. We love ya’ll!!!!
    For real, like B2M are top 5 dead or alive when it comes to male vocal groups. But we need original content. It’s like they lost their mojo or something.
    But damn, this song never sounded so good. 🙂

  3. For some reason Jodeci and other bands took away from the legacy of B2M, Jodeci came across as the street thugs of R&B while Boyz came across as the huxatables of R&B. I always have been a big Boyz fan and I ride with these cats. I would go as far as to say B2M is top 5 along with New Edition, Troop, Toni Tony Tone.

  4. I think a quote by Diddy (then Puff Daddy), in the classic Vibe Magazine that Jodeci covered would sum up my feelings on the Jodeci B2M thing.
    "Jodeci is strait black, strait chicken and grits. B2M are more of a veggie platter, but its all good food".
    Best Jodeci interview ever ->

  5. Guess the 90's ARE making a come back. Sorry to say but whether they are making covers or not, the vocal prowess is unmatchable. Wanya has vocals to rival Stevie on any given Sunday.

  6. Lawd, lawd, lawd. Wanya's voice is one of my favorite sounds in life. So glad to hear them kill this song. Who will remember that Mariah remade it after they hear this version? Thsi could go on for another 2 minutes with no problems. LOVE IT!

  7. FABU!!! Thank you!!! Real music lives on!

  8. Boyz II Men are fantastic! Always have been always will be because they are truly talented and classy. Love this cover! They've been back for a while with The Remedy in 2006-2007 and the Motown salute 2007-2008! YES!

  9. I'm not excited about this cover but would love some new material from them. I STILL bump cooleyhighharmony tape. Yes, the tape.

  10. I prefer the original, BIIM version sounds to computerized. What happend to the days of OOOHHH...AAAAHHHH, looking forward to new original material though

  11. I can't wait for the new album!!! I was at there concert out here in Oregon back in Feb, 2009 they still HOT!!!