You May Not Be Ryan Leslie’s ‘Girl’ But The Video Is Hot

I long ago decided that Ryan Leslie was my newfound guilty pleasure. I also long ago decided that "You're Not My Girl," a song that is essentially a dis to a girl set to a hot beat, is one of my favorite songs this year. I have been patiently waiting for the visual representation of this song ever since Ryan announced on Twitter that its debut was imminent, and now my hunger has been sated. My love for this song has more than increased now that I see how wonderfully styled this video from the lighting to the backgrounds all the way down to the way l'objêt d'amour has her hair styled. In short, I love it. Press play to see what I mean.  


4 Responses

  1. First time hearing this song.
    I like the video, the Robert Palmer/lloyd allround world flashing eye vibe and the beverley knight looking dancing girls is a nice concept.
    Seeing as Ryan Leslie is a black Ross from friends lookalike his attempts at dancing/sexy looks do make me lol a little, but suprisingly this wasn't cringeworthy.
    The song and the vid get 2 thumbs up.
    (even though yeah it is a dis record)

  2. The video looks dope. I thought the song fell a little flat! I don't hate it though!

  3. I agree with sweet -- I like the concept of the video, but Ryan Leslie looks a little cheesy in it, haha.

  4. I have heard betterfrom him, the song to me is about playing at your own risk, dude ain;t claiming you LOL