Bonobo And Andreya Triana Are ‘Keepers’

After making its appearance online a while ago, the video for Bonobo's "The Keeper" is the perfect compliment to the recently released single from his forthcoming album. It's a wonderful downtempo track with a seductive richness that's amplified by its deceptively simple-sounding production. The xylophonic lick and driving beat coupled with knockout smokey vocals from fellow Brit Andreya Triana (who's worked with Flying Lotus) provide a lovely, if seemingly dissonant, refrain. The subtly of the production and pensiveness of the lyrics are played out well in this slowly paced, panning single-shot video.

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2 Responses

  1. This is VERY nice. Going to have to purchase this immediately. Thank you SB!

  2. Love this track (and the video). Andreya is a real talent, I suggest checking out her debut single 'Lost Where I Belong' if you like this.


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