DJ Jazzy Jeff Gives Us One More Mixtape Worthy Of A ‘King’

Hands down, Michael Jackson's passing spawned the biggest downloading frenzy worldwide of any one artist's music ever. Similarly, his passing also spawned--outside of Jay-Z's American Gangster remixes and mashups--the most spontaneous mixtape explosion of one artist's work in all of my memory. That being said, I know all of you have several MJ mixes on your iPods right now, but don't roll your eyes at this brand spanking new mixtape. For this mixtape has been compiled by DJ Jazzy Jeff. It is called "He's The King, I'm The DJ." If this doesn't have you even a bit excited and chomping at the bit for the download info, then I don't know what will. Many thanks for Undrcrwn for this. Tracklisting and download info can be found after the bounce. 


DJ Jazzy Jeff: He's The King, I'm The DJ [Download]

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  • Ash

    King of Pop. =)

  • I downloaded this earlier in the day, and have listened to the entire thing. It's alright. I was really excited before listening to it; I mean, Jazzy Jeff mixing Michael? Who wouldn't be! But, it was underwhelming. May as well just listen to the originals.

  • lala land

    it won't let me download it anymore. link please?


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