‘Here We Go’ With Darien Brockington

Witnessing Darien Brockington grow as an artist continues to be a pleasant journey. His debut album, Somebody to Love, as well as his contribution to the Foreign Exchange recordings, videos and live performances has proven him to be a rising star in the soul music stratosphere. In the midst of touring, D-Brock is also crafting new material. "Here We Go" is Darien's plea to stop the emotional carousel of love against a hip-hop inspired beat and nicely blended harmonies. This is what you bump in the car en route to reconcile with your boo or perhaps it can be a reminder to not mess up again.
[Photo: Nicolay Music]

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3 Responses

  1. Darien is really shining right now. Working with Nicolay, Phonte, Yahzarah, Muhsinah, and the rest of the crew, how can you not have a shine about you? All of them are really doing their own thing and it's such a refreshing thing to hear. I can't wait to see what Darien's cooking up next.
    Oh and PLEASE see him live. You'll never be the same... ^_^.

  2. D-Brock is that dude! He reminds me of the late 90s good R&B (Carl Thomas, Avant, Jaheim, etc.) Darien is definitely filling the void.
    Nice track.

  3. I just revisited STL while lying on the beach in Jamaica. STILL hotter than the sun that was beating down on my skin. Terribly, terribly underrated album. Totally feeling this track and am MORE than ready for a full-length effort.