Quiet Bounce: Jaguar Wright’s ‘Beautiful’ Return

Throw Jaguar Wright's name into the bag of 2009's Comeback Kids. After a prolonged absence (almost five years to be exact) from recording, she dropped some new music like it was hot last month and the track "Beautiful" is just that. Jag sings to her would-be lover that they just need to take their time in order to do it right. Sensual and sticky sweet, this jawn sets the scene when its time to swing an episode. "Beautiful" is definitely worthy of inclusion on Butta's Bedroom Breakdown cassette tape playlist and is a pleasurable taste of what's to come on Jaguar's upcoming 2010 release, tentatively titled, Damn, Damn, Damn. Word to Florida Evans.

If you're in DC for Halloween with no costume and no plans, then find your behind at The Scene for the kickoff of the CASRAM Presents series featuring Jag and Bounce-Worthy songstress Alison Carney. This show and others will build up to the 5th Annual CASRAM Festival in June 2010 in our Nation's Capital. Jaguar Is quite a pistol live, so this concert should be a good one. Click here to purchase tickets.

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6 Responses

  1. o.o I thought she renamed the album after her father passing away, thinking of naming the album "The NLW Project" (using her father's initials). I got this from her Myspace blog by the way.

  2. So much talent.....This sista should have blew up but the machine called music executives won't promote you fully unless you are half ass naked or blonde and blue eyed.................

  3. I saw her live in Virginia about two years ago and she brought tears to my eyes. Her voice is so raw, pure and powerful that it's a shame that she hasn't had more commercial success. She said the record execs wanted to her to dress slutty after that Coke commercial blew up but she didn't want to because she wanted to preserve the integrity of her music. Don't blame her. Can't wait for the new cd.

  4. Yes Jaq is back

  5. I always thought it was poor promotion that hasn't blown her up.
    She needs people who will get behind her with a full force.
    A consistent promotion of her material will result in tons of new fans. This song is a banger. I hope it gets her more exposure.

  6. Ever since I heard Jaguar sing with Jay Z, on "Heart Of The City", from his 'Unplugged' album, I've been waiting for more of that FIRE. This is a great start. I just hope this isn't a brief reintroduction.