Jaheim’s Back, And He ‘Ain’t Leavin’ Without You’

Jaheim has made his career on having a signature sound: that of the sultry roughneck crooner from around the way. It's worked for him from day one, slaying many a ballad since his debut in late 2000. However, it's when he decides to switch it up a bit, like with 2001's uptempo "Just In Case," that we hear the pep in his musical step. His voice is relentless, as if taking the beat by the hand and dancing a virtual two-step. Well, the Jersey native is back on the scene with a new joint entitled "Ain't Leavin' Without You," which will hopefully be featured on his yet-untitled album. The midtempo track borrows heavily--and wonderfully--from De La Soul's 1991 hit "Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)," and again, fits Jaheim's voice perfectly as he attempts to let the young lady he's had his eye on know that she will be his before the night is over. And that he likes her body. A lot. Just a hot tune and a great way to step back onto the scene. Check it below. I guarantee you won't be "leavin'" it alone.

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  1. for some reason...i always dig his background harmonies a lot. layers, people. layers. jaheim. my homeboy.

  2. This is HOTNESS. I just got a little twinge of excitement, almost like how I felt when real R&B was on the radio, say 10 years ago.
    Thank goodness.

  3. The young Teddy P is back!

  4. Next to Dave Hollister, this brother is my second favorite singer. Now where can I download this joint?????????

  5. This would have made a great summer single. LUV IT!

  6. I love co-worker and I just finished steppin' to it in my office. J is back. 🙂

  7. Loving it...
    De La Soul heavily borrowed from the Whatnauts (Help Is On The Way) for Ring Ring Ring

  8. YES. Now this is a song to be excited about.

  9. I'm steppin' like I'm in ChiTown!

  10. OMGoodness...amazing track

  11. We getting old yall. Gotta face it. Cuz I know somewhere out there one of these kids just called this old people music. Now I know how my parents felt. But this is bout to be my new jam. Love me some Jaheim.
    @grace - you are soooo right about his harmonies and backgrounds. They are always on point. His sound is always so 3 dimensional.

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    It's not really a comment, I really love Jaheim, I ain't leaving without you. Can you help me find that or tell me where I can purchase it?

  13. I will be 67 years old on this Thursday Dec 17th. This is a must have . When I hear the cut I just blast the radio. Congrats and hang in there at St Johns U. My grandaughter is a student there from DC.
    Granny Sue