With Joy Jones, ‘Over’ Is Just The Beginning

Look into the eyes of Joy Jones and you will discover an undeniable allure hedged in statuesque confidence. Her new album, Godchild, emits a transparent innocence full of soul and funk undertones. Her latest single, "Over," is lyrical substance wrapped in Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Blue" bass line (also sampled in ATCQ's "Electric Relaxation") and tastefully dipped in Auto-Tune. Her video does not disappoint with its raw depiction of beauty blurred by the smear of heartache. Coodie & Chike--best known
for directing "Through the Wire" featuring Kanye West--captured the essence of Joy's inquiry of how to heal. The black and white clips mixed with an artsy sing-a-long style make you want to...well, sing-a-long. Press play, clear your throat and join Joy as she expresses questions from the heart.

Joy Jones [Amazon] [iTunes]

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