Kel Spencer Wants To Keep You Warm With His ‘Uggs’

There's all kinds of win going on for this video by Kel Spencer featuring Jesse Boykins III because, well, Jesse Boykins III is in it. The song "Uggs To Hugs"  features a sweet yet humorous take on those atrocious Ugg boots that I agree look like "baked potatoes" or those shoes that Charlie Brown wears. Although the title might induce some suspect looks and teeth sucking initially, trust me when I tell you that it's worth viewing. I'm loving the memories this video brings back to when I, too, stomped around East New York, Brooklyn and bought designer wares from a nondescript van in my neighborhood for bargain prices. And if anyone can tell me who these two dudes are in the video, it would be much appreciated. Pleaseandthankyou.

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5 Responses

  1. This is the perfect joint to ease into the fall season with. I gotta download this joint..................

  2. Sigh. JB3 can sing on anything and I'll be happy.
    It's a cool video though.

  3. Maybe the kids are alright after all.

  4. I'm 1 of the dudes that was in Kel's "Uggs To Hugs" video you're looking for. What's good?

  5. I love the song (so cute and positive!!) and I love the cute video (finally, people smiling and actually being loving with each other!!), I immediately went to iTunes and bought the song!
    LOVE it and THANK YOU for posting this!


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