Lalah Hathaway’s Been ‘Killing’ It Lately

It's Friday, which means it's time to hit you with a Lalah Hathaway post. Donny's eldest daughter has been gracing us with her presence a lot lately, from the recent episodes of the LAH! & RAH! Show, to her appearance on MoNique's late night screamfest talk show (performance after the bounce). She also appeared on a recent episode of BET's Lyric Cafe, hosted by SB fave Eric Benet, along with bassist and Grammy winner Marcus Miller laying the smack down on Roberta Flack's classic "Kiling Me Softly." Check the clip below. And you know, seeing saxaphonist Mike Phillips in the background made me wonder what would happen if he and Lalah would record together. A hot song and/or album, that's what. But enough from me. My rambling is even killing me softly and I'd much rather Lalah's voice do that instead. Happy Friday!

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  1. FIRST of all...
    Lalah is a FORCE, to be reckoned with...I LOVE THIS WOMAN! She is a TRUE artist (in every since of the word), and her VOICE is like NOTHING else in music, today. Not to mention, she's just damn good peoiple. Marcus is a RIDICULOUS musician...Get those two together, on the same stage and you've got MAGIC.
    Thanx, Harlem!

  2. Avatar

    her voice never ceases to amaze me...