‘Life Is Better’ With Q-Tip And Norah Jones

The aesthetic in the new video for Q-Tip's "Life Is Better" is undeniably sweet. It's all halftone and DIY with splashes of color and quirky elements like a running horse and flocks of birds. And Norah Jones. Who, by the way, is perfect on this track. Even though it borders on too derivative of the hipster imagery peddled by your Urban Outfitters and your Gap Inc.--almost to the point that if an ad for skinny jeans popped up at the end it wouldn't be out of place--it's still fun. The fact that the Tip and Norah act all cute amid the preciously lo-fi illustration is really nice because it's like, even rappers and jazzy singers/pianists can be lovey and adorable. You know?

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6 Responses

  1. I like quirky/artsy videos like this. Smooth tune.

  2. Really feeling the video and the tune. Especially impressed with the shoutout to all the rappers dead and alive towards the end. I can't even begin to estimate how long it would take me to get that part down. These two had excellent chemistry...wouldn't surprise...oh let me stop. After Nicole Kidman he gets props from me!!

  3. I love how you guys aren't afraid to showcase the genre in its entirety. So much of music today is soul and r&b based that you could almost forget. But you guys understand and appreciate how malleable the form is. Props for that.

  4. I like this. Frankly, I like the genre fluidity that both these artists are swimming in. I think even Norah was sick of "Come Away With Me" after a minute, so this new sound is a welcome change.

  5. When I saw him perform this at central park, you could really tell this is an ode to hip for him. He had so much love for this song.

  6. Dope! Almost on some AH-HA! "Take me on" ish. Keep up the good work!


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