Quiet Bounce: If You Won’t Let Me

There are certain tracks that are made for certain artists. This one, "Ain't No Way," was made specifically for Aretha Franklin's voice. Point blank and period. From the first time she utters the words "Ain't no way..." you just feel her frustration toward the man she's trying desperately to love unconditionally. Her hands are tied behind her back, and all she has is this message: 'Let me love you, fool'. Coupled with the a sturdy, driving horn section and Aretha's plaintive vocals, this song will put you in a contemplative kind of mood, while leaving no doubt that, even in this awkward situation, the Queen of Soul is still in charge. Go on, grab a glass of Pinot, take a seat and press Play below. I have a feeling you'll definitely bounce to this.

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11 Responses

  1. Beautiful.
    Just... beautiful.

  2. That's something you never hear now,
    emotional austerity,
    made me hold my breath in places.

  3. Outstanding. All hail the queen!

  4. Lawd, Aretha put the right amount of heartache and pain into that song!

  5. Classically fabulous....

  6. Flawless. Perfect. Classic. Nothing else need be said. Isn't that Cissy Houston on the background vocals with the high notes?

  7. i used to listen to this 20 years ago, about 20 years after it was recorded and i bet 20 years from now, it will still be the same: absolutely perfect. my favorite song by aretha.

  8. trust, y'all need to download lady soul...stat!

  9. pins and needles, every single time.

  10. Beautiful. Just marvellous.


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