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The strength of music dwells in its ability to connect us to the memories that shape our lives. The bond between our souls and the song is often enhanced when connecting with the song makers. Our desire to affix ourselves to these artists is how aficionados, groupies, stans and stalkers are created. I highly recommend staying in the "aficionado" stage (restraining orders disturb the sexy).
Concerts and videos enhance the aural experience while radio and television interviews go behind the music (no pun intended) and give us deeper insight. Social media outlets, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, give artists and fans an opportunity to interact beyond live performances.

This morning, I saw this message on Twitter from a SoulBounce favorite, Anthony David:


I downloaded the app and found myself swapping messages with AD shortly afterwards. No, I'm not a close, personal friend of his, but I've been a fan since 2004, when I heard "Cold Turkey" on my XM Radio while driving through the rain. His music is a part of my life soundtrack and social media makes it possible to interact with AD beyond the traditional one-way communication. It was a simple exchange, but also a new memory that I'm sure will come to mind the next time I hear new music from him.
Social media allows an artist's message to reach a broader audience in a matter of seconds. The Foreign Exchange use Twitter as a means of sharing concert dates and single releases. "You can definitely garner a lot of momentum (with Twitter)," says Nicolay, FE's co-founder and producer. In addition to promotional tidbits, Nicolay and Phonte use Twitter to simply share what's on their mind as well as take the pulse of the cyber streets. 
"It's the greatest focus group ever created," Phonte states, "If you want the truth, you can get it." 
Eric Roberson maneuvers through social media space primarily via Facebook (FB) and his blog. "It's crazy that all this communication can happen from your laptop or computer," he proclaims. Erro's fan page has more than 1,000+ and constantly growing. It's a place where he can vibe with his supporters, share video clips and invite us into his world completely. "It allows you to reach all the way across the world in a matter of minutes."
Artists such as Choklate?uestloveMaiyshaMaxwell and Amanda Diva can be found waxing poetic on their Twitter and FB pages, giving the world a personal glimpse of their lives as human beings--not just performers. It's a beautiful give and take resulting in deeper connections, stronger fan bases and longer relationships--because celebs need love, too. As social media flows into the international mainstream, it's worth noting that fans are thoroughly enjoying the engagement. Although it is worth mentioning those celebs (who we won't name here, but you know who they are) exude their elitist mentality (e.g., only conversing with fellow celebrities, ignoring fan messages, etc.) while missing out on the opportunity to be a part of the global revolution of connectivity. 
Music is more than notes and beats, it frames our memories. Musicians are no longer intangible icons, they are talented mortals who transcend the sounds they create. Whether you're checking out the latest iPhone app with your favorite artist, leaving a comment on their Facebook page or eyeballing their latest YouTube post, social media is the conduit where you can build, support and / or share your passions. 
Check out this Carlitta Durand video as she gives a live performance--available around the world thanks to the 'net. In the interim, let us know who your favorite artist is and if they are using social media to connect to you. Leave us a comment and let us know who else we can check out.

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2 Responses

  1. my fave artist is Janet Jackson. She has the facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube stuff. but as we all know janet doesn't talk back to individual fans. we get the group "i love you, and thank you so much for your support. MYM. J" literally. lol. but it's cool cause Janet has never been the most open entertainer. but she tweets like once a week and make all us fans happy. cause it used to be three year periods where she would disappear now she's staying more connected but she's not over the top with it. she's still Janet and we love her for it.

  2. I follow a number of artists on Twitter to keep up to date with releases, concerts, general news etc. Most i simply 'follow', however there are a few who I have been fortunate to interact with on a number of occasions such as Yahzarah, Maiysha, Caretta Bell, Choklate, Vula and a few others.
    The main advantage of Twitter though is the ease with which information can be shared. Probably 75% of the new artists i've discovered this year have come to me, in one way or another, via Twitter.