Sy Smith Glows In ‘The Art Of You’

There's something so romantic lovely about Sy Smith's new video for "The Art of You." Shot with an 8mm camera, the video has a wonderful, warm patina and is utterly nostalgic. Smith sings straight into the camera in various sun-drenched locations around Italy as though the footage was actually a video-log from a vacation. In fact, it probably was; her fiance Shawn Carter Peterson is credited as the director. She seems so happily content, so much so that it imbues the otherwise repetitive imagery (mostly of her but also peppered with appearances by other people, including members of a midday wedding party). Singing to her love just out of view behind the camera, her lover's glow is infectious.

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  1. she's engaged?...ugh...thats a blower and a half lol


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