‘Wanna Know’ How Great The New Foreign Exchange Video Is?

It can be tough dating a musician. Add success into the equation and dating an artist can be a downright harrowing experience. I sometimes wonder, while watching my favorite artist perform, how their better half deals with the time apart, gossip, and just general disruption that necessary tour schedules bring. "I Wanna Know" is the last installment in Foreign Exchange's video trilogy which began with "Take off the Blues/Valediction." Watching it, I can get a better glimpse of both sides of this issue that only the toughest of couples can emerge from. Luckily, we get to have some great musical accompaniment as we follow along. Random aside: Loving that Wu-Tang Clan tribute T-shirt, Phonte.

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  1. Thank you SB for introducing me to The Foreign Exchange. I soooo love them! I keep trying to spread the word about them cuz they are so dope! I love this song and video...grown folks music (and not in the Michael Baisden type of way) about real life adult situations...Love it and Love them!

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    Ditto @ bf is an audio engineer and I can relate to how stressful 'industry life' can be especially when they're in that constant grind mode trying to get their music out there..I loved the Taking Off the Blues/Valediction video, and really like this one as well..I really REALLY hope I get to see them when they're at BB Kings this month =)