Where Is Everyone From Biggie’s ‘One More Chance’ Video Now?

The temperature is cooling, leaves are falling and the morning air has become extra crispy. Without warning, autumn has slipped in right under our noses and makes us wonder: Where did the summer go?

The heat can be uncomfortable, but summer is full of warm days and sultry nights while providing the backdrop for hot parties with even hotter music. A classic example of this phenomenon was the summer of 1995. We were in the midst of Hip Hop's "golden era" and witnessing the meteoric rise of Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. His debut album, Ready to Die, catapulted him to the top of Hip Hop's food chain.

A major milestone during the summer of '95 was the release of the "One More Chance (Remix)" video. Legendary director Hype Williams had a simple vision: A shindig at a Brooklyn brownstone thrown in Biggie's honor. He managed to fit 18 cameo appearances--a veritable "Who's Who" of Hip Hop culture--in a four-minute video. But much like the summer, where did they go once the cameras stopped rolling and 14 more summers have come and gone?

Let's break down who was at the party then and where they are now.

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  • iCandy

    still so good...

  • This is a very dope entry...I'd wondered where some of those folks were. I didn't even know some others were in the video to begin with.
    *dead* at the milk cartons though, that's just wrong.

  • This is freaking fantastic work.

  • Amera

    Classic post, SB. I never knew who Miss Jones was....
    This video alone captures Hip Hop at its zenith.

  • arieswym

    this was great...this song is still my jam

  • Loved this. Song is probably my fav Biggie track. Can't believe it's been that looooong. RIP Christopher & Aaliyah

  • great post! one of my favorite BIG songs and videos.

  • It's the DeBarge sample on the remix that got everyone hooked. The original, not so much.

  • Excellent recap! I was also hooked on this song because of the beat, most of his songs were club bangers due to the beat.

  • miss concrete jungle

    luved this!! it's amazing to see how things and people change sooo much over time..

  • I used to love Zhane and Patra. This song reminds me of good times.
    I always thought it was funny they left in the scene where you can clearly see the cameraman in the mirror around 3:25

  • impressive and accurate recap. those were the days, indeed.

  • This post right here is the reason why I love visiting this blog. Trip down memory lane!

  • zach serano

    This was very informative and one of my favorite Biggie videos. I was really wondering about Zhane but WOW - what happen to Changing Faces - they look like some rockers (or crackheads) you need to update this page and show more. RIP BIG

  • HipHop1980

    time fly. thoughts on music today?

  • HipHop1980

    thoughts on music today?


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