While We Were Sleeping: New Music From Angie, Usher, PJ, Tweet & Joss


Remember when you were a kid and you hated going to bed because you thought you'd 'miss something' if you went to sleep? Now that you're grown, you would do anything to get a full night's sleep or just a power nap. As lovers of this soul music thing, we should embrace our inner-child and never sleep on the hotness that may surface while we slumber. Here at SoulBounce, we've been grinding so hard that we nodded off. . . it happens. And as we wipe the moist corner of our mouths (with tissue and not our sleeve, mmkay?), check out the latest flavors from Angie Stone, Usher, PJ Morton & Tweet and Joss Stone after the bounce. 

Angie Stone's "I Ain't Hearin' U" is a return to classic soul as
she stands by her man and refusing to buy into the notion that he's
doing wrong. Angie continues to love her brothers, and we love her back.
 Angie Stone: "I Ain't Hearin' U" 

Usher is back and he's telling all his business...again.
The Prince of Pop has added to his pop soul catalog with "Papers"--a
high-gloss, polished production of turmoil as his marriage comes to an
end. He's arguing, frustrated and damn near lost his mama. We didn't
see this coming, right? I'm talking about the song, not his situation.
Usher: "Papers" 
Morton & Tweet come together to conjure a blend of reggae, soul and
jazz with "Love You More." The groovy vocals, sexy horns and infectious
beat will have fellas nodding their head and ladies swaying their hips.
Tweet's voice is light and flies beautifully over this track. 
PJ Morton & Tweet: "Love You More" 

Joss Stone stays in her lane with
her new single, "Free Me." Live instrumentation supports her sassy
sound within this vintage Joss formula of funky guitar licks and
crashing cymbals. Despite the title, you may not want to let go of this
Joss Stone: "Free Me" 

We've heard the phrase, "don't
sleep" many times and this is a prime example of why. Let us know what
you think of these new singles.

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6 Responses

  1. I played the PJ & Tweet at least 5 times straight...I heart that song so much.

  2. I'm totally feelin that new Angie song! That old school sample sounds familar. Anybody know what sampled song is that?

  3. Angie & Joss can sing. The new songs are really good.

  4. Angie was sweet
    and "Love You More" is a very pretty song, I love those horns.
    Nice. Thanks.

  5. my lawd....that PJ Morton/Tweet is a problem!!! So uplifting & refreshing

  6. this site is simply the best


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