Black Dynamite Gets Orchestral In ‘The Midnight Hour’

Whether I'm getting older and just unable to stay up past midnight is not the point. The point ultimately is that I missed a performance by the Black Dynamite Orchestra the last time they performed here in LA. Luckily, I can relive a bit of what I missed by playing the video for "The Midnight Hour" below. Remember when I told all of you to go out and cop the score? And remember when I told all of you to go out and see the movie? This is your second warning. Go. And. See. It. You will not be sorry. 


1 Response

  1. I have the score and watched the movie. I haven't felt so good about a film since...I don't remember. The 70s hat tip, cheesy lines, foreshadowing score, slow motion martial arts, the boobies, the malt liquor...AWWWWW MANNNNNN!!! CAN U DIG IT?!?!?!?!


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