Blakroc, Mos Def & Jim Jones Don’t Have ‘Nothin’ Like You’

I will admit that I wanted nothing to do with the Blakroc project when I first caught wind of it. All I saw was involvement by the "King of Hip Hop Douchebaggery" a/k/a Dame Dash and Fuzzy McFuzzlestein a/k/a Jim Jones and I scrolled past that joint faster than a double-balled mouse. But then I heard Blakroc's joint with Raekwon, which was banging by the way. And then I heard "Aint Nothin' Like You" with my former baby daddy Mos Def. True, McFuzzlestein rhymes on it, but--lo and behold!--he's actually subdued. Which is precisely what this track calls for. Color me surprised that I'm anticipating the full-length album dropping--when else?--on Black Friday. Did I also mention that RZA, ODB, Ludacris, Q-Tip, Pharoahe Monch, Nicole Wray, and more are featured collaborators on this album? Love it. As equally as I love this. 

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4 Responses

  1. This kinda snuck up on me, cant front I like it and this by far the best Jim Jones has ever sounded.

  2. when i first saw jim jones listed i'll admit i wanted to hate...but this track was a pleasant surprise.
    has a nice blues feel to it

  3. They partnered with a rock/blues group, the Black Keys, on this track. I really dig this and I love the Black Keys....check them out!

  4. dare i say that drunk uncle jim looks sober in this video? i mean, he's still not clean-shaven (he stays rockin' the homer simpson/oscar the grouch 9 o'clock shadow) but he didn't make me want to list the reasons why n*ggas ain't free so this is a huge PASS. mos, great job as usual. dame, what did you do?


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