Bounce-Worthy: Lydia Rene

Most young, aspiring singers struggle with finding the right producers, songs, band members, etc. to help build their unique sound. When I discovered the music of Lydia Rene, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this singer/songwriter/musician pens her own material--from the lyrics to the band arrangements. In her words, she's striving to become the "female Quincy Jones" of her time. Her debut album, My Love is My Life, is a jazzy introduction to the world of this classically trained pianist whose deep alto voice fits beautifully amidst the live instrumentation. Lydia's "Medley" instructs us on how to save ourselves through self-appreciation:

"I have to embrace myself, for my mental health."

"In Love" takes us on that all too familiar journey of romance that often results in total emotional surrender. Her heavy lyrics are lifted with precision piano melodies and soulful rhythms making Lydia's compositions a joyful experience. Be sure to give her a listen below and check the live performance video. [Photo: Mirka Photographics]


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  1. Looking at this video appearance wise she resembles Phyllis.