Chrisette Michele’s New Video Is ‘Fragile’ At Best

The camera loves Chrisette Michele. Every time you see her on screen, she looks incredible, regardless of the hairdo of the moment. Her eyes radiate, her smile glistens and her facial expressions tell a story. Love it. There, I said something positive about one of my favorite singers. And that's about all I can co-sign lately when it comes to the videos that are accompanying her latest project, Epiphany. They've been pretty average, to tell the truth. That trend doesn't change with her newest clip for the song "Fragile," which features Wale literally walking around aimlessly. And Chrisette taking it to the streets like she's a lost Doobie sibling. And that's it. That's all that happens. For four minutes and change. Which leads me to comment about how pretty she is, and how the camera adores her for lack of anything to add. Which is a fragile endorsement, to be sure. Check it out below.

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3 Responses

  1. First off: I aint neva been in a hair salon that was that crowded. I need that salon's number!
    Second: It's really not that bad, I see the point of it. But I agree, Wale really needs to find something to do.

  2. I love Chrisette Michele but not this song.

  3. Fragile album > fragile song > fragile video
    One of the best voices out there right now + bad material = tragedy.


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