Dear Hidden Beach: Please Stop.

Hidden Beach, I am really starting to loathe you. Granted you put us all onto Jilly from Philly but then you released that farce that was Al B Sure!'s--can't forget the exclamation point!--last album and now you have decided to release yet another foray down to Smooth Jazz hell with Hidden Beach Recordings Presents: Unwrapped, Vol. 6. So what if Tony Royster, Jr. is a hot, up-and-coming drummer with talent? All I care about is that you keep forcing all the Pop songs I try easily to avoid and make them sound like music I have to endure when I have to eat brunch with out-of-town relatives that I neither talk to nor want to spend any time with. Add to this the fact that my mother will probably like this Smooth Jazzed foolishness, and you now have the perfect recipe for me to absolutely lose it when she plays this at the next family gathering. Indulge in what you never wanted nor asked for come November 10th. In the meantime, peep it for yourself below.

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  1. Hey! I liked Al B.'s album....and hidden beach has hit on something successful with the unplugged series...the only thing they can do is milk it dry,

    Dont hate on AL B Sures album... Thats grown and sexy music RIGHT THERE... What you gonna endorse robin thicke instead now??? Let bullshit flock the market - NO AL B SURES ALUM IS REAL RNB. i cant believe you have written that.
    But i do agree about the smooth jazz compilations that hidden beach releases.. that needs to stop.

  3. @ Mr. Ed,
    I'm not into Robin Thicke's album either. And, yes, I did write that I hated Al B. Sure!'s album. And, no. IMO it is not good R&B.

  4. i liked their Unwrapped series! hey it gives musicians a way to make cash since Unwrapped cds DO SELL! Unwrapped also helped establish my man Mike Philly. granted the last dirty south cd was lame

  5. i liked their Unwrapped series! hey it gives musicians a way to make cash since Unwrapped cds DO SELL! Unwrapped also helped establish my man Mike Philly. granted the last dirty south cd was lame

  6. It's like the Saw series. You have to know when to say when. When was 4 volumes ago.

  7. I've never been compelled to purchase a cd but I do think it's a good look for smooth jazz. What's the alternative? Kenny G's Greatest Misses? Smooth Jazz Elevator music? Acid Country?
    Why should HB stop if it's keeping the company afloat with out loosing their integrity TOO
    Get marching bands to stop playing interpolations at half time shows and then we can work on the Unwrapped series.

  8. a lot of the pop'y and crack'y songs that come out (single ladies, best i ever had) catch people by the beat. i find that i love the track but could do without the lyrics. yet i cant help but sing the lyrics because im listening to the beat. (if that makes any sense). to that end the unwrapped version allows me to enjoy the production and appreciate the track without having to be subjected to all the cracked out lyrics.
    they aren't my all time favorite cds but i give it a thumbs up.

  9. @Ill Mami........ well the people have spoken and dont agree with you which is a shame. what do you like listening to miss?

  10. @ Mr. Ed:
    Whether the people agree with me or not is moot. I don't like these regurgitated tunes, especially when their reinterpretation sounds as though it's been chewed up & partially digested for me.
    I guess my main point is that these songs are so far removed from ANYTHING I would ever listen to, hence my involvement in this website. So why would I or people who share my musical tastes find this to be palatable? It's mind-boggling to say the least.
    To answer your question: If you want to know what listen to, just check out my posts. That's what I jam to on the daily.

  11. Ok Ill Mami... Yes. theres some miscommunication here. To be honest, the hidden beach smooth jazz reinterpretations suck. Ive listened to them before and the energy could be put into something else, but from what i read by the other users, apprantley people are enjoying these and keeping the label afloat and I DO like hidden beach. But... Are you not feeling "i love it" by AL B SURE!???? Really? the arrangements are hectic in that song - that song is a classic. the rest of the tracks..... mediocre i guess... but the real issue with music these days is this microwave music appearing left right and centre. I cant even listen to an RNB mixtape these days because my mind wanders off and im not content.. AND - Robin Thicke wants to do a cover of brown sugar by D'Angelo - THAT IS JUST WRONG> BTW im an RNB and hip hop producer. 😛


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