Find ‘Refuge’ With DJ Stylus & Zo!

One of the many benefits to living in the DMV is the wealth of musical talent that lives here as well. Two such talents who we consider family here are SoulBounce are DJ Stylus of the Soul Controllers and Zo! from The Foreign Exchange good music conglomerate. It's always a pleasure to see these two cats when I'm out and about. Tomorrow night at Tabaq Bistro on U Street will be no exception when Stylus fires up the turntables at Refuge, his weekly Wednesday night party, with one of our favorite multi-instrumentalists as his special guest for Zo's Secret Stash.     

Here's the skinny on Zo's Secret Stash from Stylus' website:

Zo hosts a listening session of rare highlights from his body of work. They could be joints that have never come out and might never see release. They could be in-progress joints. There might even be a sneak peek at some of the material from his upcoming solo project, if we're lucky and he's comfortable with that. For the early shift at Refuge, we'll be turning the spot into Zo's own screening room where he handpicks material to share exclusively with Refuge fam.

Yes, yes, y'all! The best part of all? Refuge is for the free! Be there or be beside yourself if you miss this.


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  1. If I wasn't old, crochety and tired, I would SO be at this. This is really all types of WIN!


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