Kelis Sings ‘Acapella’. But Is Anyone Trying To Hear Her?

It's safe to say that after her nasty divorce from Nas, Kelis kinda tore her drawers with, oh, everyone. In recent years she's become more known for drama than for her music. Now 10 years in the game, she's trying to claw her way back into everyone's good graces with some new music to remind us all why we fell for this quirky cool chick with the big pink-blonde hair in the first place. However, she misses the mark with "Acapella," the first single that hit the net today via her website from her as-yet-untitled fifth album dropping next spring. Whereas I love the lyrics and I'm all for people reinventing themselves, the music is not exactly my cup of chai. Produced by David Guetta, this is way too techno/industrial/girl-get-your-glowsticks for my tastes. Call me when someone does a soulful house remix, perhaps. For this to be Kelis' comeback record, she needed to come better than this.

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  1. i don't love the song like i hoped i would.
    she needs to work with raphael saadiq again and i'll be cool.

  2. I am a Kelis stan, but this song is not a fav. It may have to grow on me.

  3. I'm in love with this song!

  4. It's funny how her husband cheats and she files for divorce, yet SHE's the one who needs to get back in good graces. The thing about Kelis is she doesn't care about getting in anyones "good graces". She's the rebel to the core, always has been.
    This song is very remniscent of her Kaleidoscope/Wanderland days. It's very techno, but I think she really works this. This is a great first look. Very happy she's back

  5. The only person happy that Kelis is making music again is probably Nas:) at least she's working again and cant go crying to the court how broke she is. It's about time she got off her lazy ass and started making her own money.

  6. First listen, I think I like it. I'm gonna listen two more times, but I LOVE Kelis...ready for her comeback.

  7. I like it. Kelis is exploring a different sound for herself. She sounds worldly and ready to move forward. Acapella is like forging out
    without all the extra drama. It is clean and straight forward.
    Go Kelis

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    Hmm... I couldn't get 4 bars in. I can't do techno...

  9. i messes with techno...just not this brand. if you know david guetta, then you know it's that larger-than-life, stadium brand type techno or trance. and unfortunately, trance hasn't been soulful since 1993 (we can probably thank paul van dyk and dj tiesto for that).
    reinvention's cool and all that, but there's a lot to be said for the off-kilter magic she had with the neptunes and andre 3000 ("millionaire" is still one of my favorites from her). give this to carl craig or vikter duplaix and high tech soul in the form of detroit techno or broken beat will come back to you. then we'd have something. instead, we got guetta. and if you heard his collab with kelly rowland, you probably knew what to expect here and you either dig that sort of thing or you don't. i'll take a pass on "acapella," but will wait patiently to hear what diplo and switch can do for her. that collab holds some promise...

  10. With Everyone? I'm assuming you're a Nas supporter because you seem so envious towards Kelis for some strange reason. She got rid of her cheating get over it!
    Kelis is back and yes she is back to re-claim her spot because she is the true TRENDSETTER, INNOVATOR and the fashionista. There's too many girls in the game biting her style and trying to be like her its a good thing shes back. Kelis always brings it everytime and this new single is amazing! It may take some time to grow on some people, but she is so far ahead of the game.

  11. I tend to agree on the Nas subject. He was the one who decided to go out and cheat on his pregnant wife. In terms of her music, Kelis isn't a house music artist, and even if one is looking for a house mix to this, it wouldn't fit. This is the type of work she does best, and as a fan of all four of her albums, I'm hoping she continues to do more. Bring it on Ms. Kelis.-QH

  12. Upon second listen, I like it even more. Work it out Kelis. Do your thing. Sometimes we limit the expression of our own black music artists.-QH

  13. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  14. I tend to agree with Macedonia on this one. Why Guetta? he's like the sellout version of dance music, the lower commo denominator, the larger than life mainstream crap...not as bad as a Scooter...but still, to me, this is telling, that she is going for the money and basically just mailin it in...
    To all of the commenters who are on her side of the divorce, clearly she was the party done wrong. But as Joe Budden says, 'she needs to fire everybody in her corner.' At times, depending on how you play your hand, you can be the right party and manage to come off lookin bad...which is what she did here. And the ridiculous money settelement grab she tried to make didn't endear her to many out there.

  15. Guetta is serving some Moroder. It's clear electro-heavy dance is taking over, so this is really a smart direction for her. It's not as amazing as the stuff she's done with Timo Mass. It's very minimal, but the hook is really genius. This could be another "Milkshake" for her.
    As far as the divorce goes, I can't be mad at her for getting a high-powered lawyer and looking out for herself. Him cheating was bad enough, but doing so while she was carrying his son. Come on? I can't feel sympathetic toward Nasir at all. Him and Kelis are talented artists and I wish them the best.

  16. If you ask me, this IS Kelis. I've always known her to be "out the box" with her style of music and lyrical content. I personally think this will be a top 10 hit for the U.S. and possibly the UK. I wish her the best.