‘Make Me,’ Janet. ‘Make Me.’

So, it's been pretty evident since the founding of SoulBounce that we have an unshakable fondness for Miss Jackson. There's no denying that the woman is a pop icon. After her gut wrenching interview on ABC on Wednesday evening during which she could barely mention that her brother had passed away, it became even harder to deny her resilience. During that show she also blessed us with a snippet of the video for her fantastic new single "Make Me." It's choreography based, in black and white, and classic Janet. [HT: PPB]

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  1. LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  2. 44, and STILL doin' the DAMN THANG!

  3. Janet is still smokin'! She should be crowned the Queen of Pop. I like how she payed homage to her big bro with the pointy-shouldered jackets and the "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" lyrics!

  4. Yes.....Go head Mss Jackson with yo bad self

  5. Avatar

    I love the song, the video brings new life to it. In life everything is not about sexuality but when I see Janet dance I think of Paris is Burning. Way before Lady Gaga gave praise to the gays Janet and Whitney were doing it. A lot of these dances pay homage to the Queens from back in the day when they use to battle it out Voguing.
    Janet will always be a legend... I don't care if she drops an album and only 50 people cop it.
    Also Soulbounce did you give a review on Kevon Edmonds new album.... I am still waiting on that.
    I love your site

  6. Ms Jackson is awake now.
    Effing fantastic.

  7. Love her and the video. Remeber people that's Ms. Jackson if your nasty.

  8. Great video and interview w/ Robin Roberts. The Make Me video was slick. and very fitting and fun. Ms Jackson.....much love. I live!


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