Mary Has No ‘Limit’ On Her Love

Being introduced as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul on What's The 411? meant that there had to be better and badder remixes of your original material just like true Hip Hop singles. With Puffy at the helm, Mary J. did not ever waver on that end. Her sound stayed being pumped in jeeps from 125th Street-where I did my chillin' when this was released--and beyond, especially with this K-Ci-infused remix of "Love No Limit." Though the original is still a fave, this is the version you can play while hanging on your stoop or wherever else your recreational exploits may take you. 

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5 Responses

  1. What's the 411? Remix was the third album I ever bought...and my 7th grade mind figured every Mary album with be accompanied with a remix disc. Please...and You Don't Have to Worry and My Love with Heavy D...could it have gotten any better in '93?

  2. Still FIRE!

  3. this is my favorite MJB remix. I loved it sooo much more than the original track. I remember when it came out I bought the remix tape and I would play it over and over and over. good memories.

  4. oooh...goosebumps. i used to play the h.ll out of this song! had this on tape.

  5. This track has always been one of my favorites. Do you know where I download can it?